This Day In History: June 20

1214: Oxford University is founded. 1789: A new constitution is completed in France (the Tennis Court Oath). 1837: Queen Victoria ascends to the throne after the death of her uncle King William IV. 1840: Samuel Morse patents the Telegraph. 1895: Caroline Willard Baldwin becomes the first woman to get a PhD from an American university,Continue reading “This Day In History: June 20”

This Day In History: June 19

(1865) All remaining slaves in Texas were freed, an event now celebrated as Juneteenth. (1775) George Washington is appointed Commander in Chief of the fledgling Continental Army. (1964) After record filibusters, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed by the senate, 73-27. (1987) The Supreme Court ruled against a Louisiana law requiring schools toContinue reading “This Day In History: June 19”

This Day In History: June 18

(618) Li Yuan is coronated at Emperor of China, initiating nearly 300 years of rule by the Tang dynasty. (1812) The U.S. government declares war on Britain, beginning the War of 1812, which lasted until 1815. (1815) Napoleon Bonaparte and the French army are defeated at the battle of Waterloo by a coalition of PrussianContinue reading “This Day In History: June 18”

This Day in History: June 16

(1884) The world’s first roller coaster was opened in Coney Island. It cost a nickel which back then was worth about a dollar twenty. But it went only 6 miles per hour, which to me is a rip-off. (1935) On this day, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal legislation was passed by the House ofContinue reading “This Day in History: June 16”

This Day In History: June 17

(1885) The Statue of Liberty arrives in New York. It was supposed to arrive in time for America’s 100th anniversary of independence, but was delayed because the French had to take it apart, ship it in several boats, and reassemble it. The unveiling was greeted with celebration. (1928) Amelia Earhart becomes the first woman toContinue reading “This Day In History: June 17”